Our Story

How it all started...

Natives of New Orleans, LA and survivors of Hurricane Katrina our leaders embody a spirit of resilience.

The ministry was set to launch under a different name in September 2005, in a small banquet room of a Holiday Inn located in a suburb of New Orleans until the Category 5 Hurricane Katrina decimated the region.
It was during this season of uncertainty, in the midst of a literal storm Pastor Chris heard the voice of God that instructed him to plant in Dallas.
 As the journey began to shift courses to launch the ministry in Dallas, TX, God assured our Pastors the people that are assigned to their ministry would find them.
The inaugural worship service was held in October 2005.
Pastors Chris and Felicia have served their membership and community unconditionally ever since. Their passion to impact lives of the unchurched and believers who have fallen away remains consistent to lead them towards deliverance, healing and breakthrough.